Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mobile Device Document Camera Stands

I use mobile devices in schools and during seminars.  I have found that a mobile device document camera can be useful, especially when a dedicated document camera is not available.  Devices can be projected using VGA/HDMI adaptersApple TV, Chromcast, and AirServer and Reflector software.   I put the document stands I make on white surfaces and use sheets of color 8" x 11" paper so I know where to place the object I want to project.

Top view of document camera, 14" wire grid, and zip ties with cutter. 

I have some storage units in my garage composed of cubes made of 14" metal wire squares.  There are corner connectors that hold them together.  A few years ago I purchased two sets at yard sales for a few bucks each.  However, some of the connectors were missing so I had eight single squares.  Using zip ties and some plastic clippers I connected four pieces to make my first my first homemade document camera.    

Once again when I went yard sale shopping yesterday,July 26, 2014, I found the unit above that was missing all but eight connectors.  I purchased it since I knew I could make three document stands.  It also included five cloth boxes, all for $3.00. When I arrived home I discovered the grid sizes were different that the white ones in my garage.

I now have three different grid sizes in the 14" frames.  The white is 9 x 9 and blacks 5 x 5 and 8 x 8. 

 I found that when using the corner connectors I only need three frames.  Smaller grid sizes on the sides and the larger on the top so the iPad can be moved without a grid line blocking the view.  It is easily disassembled and stored when not needed.


Noelle Van Der Meid said...

I love this! Inexpensive and it can fold up when not in use! My kids and I will love this! ~ off to Walmart! Thanks so much Glenn! You need to stop by this year - I have 15 Chromebooks through the GCS Pinnacle Project and would love to have you!

Glenn A. Gurley Jr. said...

Thanks Noelle... I will stop by during the work days.

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